The terrisfolk are an ethnic group descended from the people of Terris, the only pre-Imperial region to retain its name and a semblance of its cultural identity. Only those of Terris descent have access to Feruchemy.

Under the Final Empire…

The terrisfolk are treated as house slaves. Their reproduction is strictly and brutally policed by the Steel Ministry. Most well-to-do noble houses have one or more terris stewards serving as tutors, librarians, or butlers.

In the Revolutionary Period…

The terrisfolk are torn between exultation at the end of the Final Empire, and concern about the future of Scadrial and the stability of those in political power. Terrisfolk are among the veterans and fallen of the Battle of Luthadel.

In the Republican Era…

The terrisfolk must choose whether to embrace children of mixed ethnic heritage, or strictly police the romances of their own children. Concern with the continuity of history grows as printing presses gain popularity and written histories proliferate throughout civilization.


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